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Proven Strategies for Treating Acne

The Face Reality Method for clearing acne includes:

  • Thorough acne and skin analysis
  • How to test for skin sensitivity
  • Step-by-step treatment and home care protocol
  • All the documents you and your client need
  • Important lifestyle guidelines for your client
  • Troubleshooting challenging clients
  • All updates to the course and documents

Certification Requirements:

  • Pass our online certification test (open book)
  • Provide us with copies of your:
    • esthetics license
    • business license or resale certificate
    • proof of liability insurance for yourself or the establishment for whom you work
    • CA Seller's Permit (if your business is in California)

(*Note:  There is only one certification issued per training purchased.)

Benefits of becoming Certified:

  • Wholesale prices for both professional and home care acne specific products
  • Support for your challenging clients 
    • Email/phone support with staff
    • Invitation to join private online community
    • Facebook “live events” and webinars
  • Option to add a mentorship day in our San Leandro, CA clinic
  • Get referrals for clients through our database of Certified Acne Specialists (minimum requirements apply) 
  • Get invitations to Advanced Training Classes



Laura Cooksey and the Face Reality staff have spent many years doing research to develop the line of peels and home care products designed for every kind of acne and skin type. Being an acne clinic, not just a vendor, we constantly do research to improve our line and processes. When you become Face Reality Certified you will always be informed of new information and developments in acne protocol.





Before and After

Inflamed Acne

Inflamed and cystic acne is the easiest type of acne to treat, as it responds quickly to the right antibacterial routine. This client got clear in about three months. She still had some redness left over from the acne which eventually faded, but her acne was gone.

Noninflamed Acne

Noninflamed acne is tougher to treat. We are as aggressive as possible with this type of acne as the skin adapts readily to products. Strong exfoliants and keratolytic products used properly will get it under control. The client will have to be extremely diligent with their home care routine.

Asian/Hispanic/African Skin

In customizing a home care regimen, we take in to account their Fitzpatrick type. Asian, Hispanic and African skin can be very sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation (darkening) if given the wrong products. We practice caution with this type of skin and explain the best steps to clear clients with these concerns.

Fitzpatrick 4+ Skin

As in the previous picture, we do a thorough skin analysis with each client, taking  into account skin type, acne type, acne severity, Fitzpatrick type, skin sensitivity, environment, age, and skin conditions at the time of treatment. All of these will factor into what home care regimen will work for them.

Combination Acne

Most clients have both inflamed acne and noninflamed acne. It's important to know which type to treat first. Each acne type is treated differently from the other so knowing how to proceed is to key to the client’s success.

Our Mission

We are confident that our modality is the most effective way to treat acne. We have clients all around the country that ask us to open a clinic in their area. However, we have concluded that the most effective way for us to help as many acne sufferers as possible, is to train you and give you the tools to get them clear.

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First, you'll get access to highly informative step-by-step instructional modules inside Proven Strategies for Treating Acne. Once you've completed the course, you will take a Certification Test, which you can take as many times as necessary in order to pass with 100%.

To complete your certification you are required to submit your esthetics license, business license or resale certificate, proof of liability insurance for yourself or the establishment for whom you work and CA Reseller license (if your business is in California), which gives you:

A Certified Pro's ONLY area of the website, which features all of the modules in this course, plus many more articles, forms and documents you'll need for your acne treatment business.

An invitation to join the Facebook community for Face Reality Certified Pro's where you'll get to compare notes with other  professionals as well as the Face Reality team.

Access to the online store for purchasing Face Reality skincare and acne treatment products at wholesale pricing.

Exclusive invitations to special trainings, events and opportunities to help you grow your business.

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