About Us

Laura is a nationally-recognized acne expert who has been a key speaker at several well-known esthetic congresses and conferences.

Having suffered from acne from the time she was a teenager, she “tried everything” short of Accutane™ to get some relief from her constant acne. In her mid-thirties, she finally found an esthetician who got her skin clear.  She immediately felt compelled to help others as she had been helped. After all, she knew first-hand how adversely acne affected her life; now she could spare others the same agony. 

She became a California state-licensed esthetician in 1990 and set out to learn everything about acne that she could. After having been a sole practitioner for many years, her dream of opening an acne-only clinic came true in 2005. Face Reality Acne Clinic grew very quickly as there was such a demand to help acne sufferers.

As a result of her astounding results with acne, other estheticians started demanding classes to know her protocol. Out of this was born her comprehensive Acne Specialist training and she has certified more than 500 skin care professionals, including nurses and doctors, around the United States.

She organized the first conference for acne specialists in September 2014, and continues to write articles about acne and acne treatment in several skin care industry publications. She is constantly doing research and testing products to increase her understanding of the disease known as retention hyperkeratosis, aka acne.

Laura's mission is to change the way acne is treated by the medical community in the United States; to make the current typical  protocol of antibiotics, retinoids and isotretinoin obsolete.  Research has shown that antibiotics and isotretinoin are dangerous.  Face Reality's trained estheticians, using Face Reality products have shown those same dangerous drugs are also unnecessary at least 90% of the time.  Face Reality clients see their acne controlled successfully by using non-prescription topical products used correctly along with some lifestyle adjustments. 

The Face Reality clinic in San Leandro, California and our trained estheticians treat hundreds of clients every year and provides ongoing support to the nationwide group of Face Reality Certified Acne Professionals.

Join the team of Face Reality professionals to not only do good for your community, but to have a profession that is so incredibly rewarding (not to mention lucrative).