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Face Reality Acne Clinic
155 Callan Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577
Local Phone: 510-351-1842
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Q. What’s your minimum order?

A. $125

Q. How long is the course?

A. It is about 2.5 hours long – with five modules which includes 22 videos. 

Q. Is your acne course just about using your product line or is it more comprehensive?

A. It is best if you use our product line with this acne program; however, there is much more to this course than just product protocol. You will learn about the causes of acne, how it can be treated without prescriptions and lifestyle changes an acne sufferer should make.

Q. Do I have to use your products?

A. There is no requirement to use our products; and there are some products in other lines that may work; but we advise against using outside lines. This is because:

  1. We will not be able to support you in helping challenging clients if you are not using our line. Other product lines have formulations and ingredients unknown to us. 
  2. Our price points are some of the best in the industry for the quality of product you are getting.
  3. Other lines will not have the “increments” you need in order to do our protocol with your clients.
  4. Our line is “chirally correct”, meaning that we have selected the most efficacious molecule to use in our formulations. It makes the formulation more expensive but we have found that anything less just does not work as well.  

Q. Why do I have to pay for your training course to use your products? Other companies don’t do require this.

A. Our training is like a business in a box to train you to successfully treat acne clients.  The key to our success is using our products with a specific protocol. Products alone will not get your clients clear. In order to accomplish this, we want to make sure that you have the knowledge and tools to correctly treat your acne clients with our products. If you do not understand acne, our protocols and how they work, then our product line may not work for you. We want you and your business to be as successful as possible as well as protecting our own reputation for results. 

Q.  Do you give samples so I can try out the product first?

A. No, we do not. The reason for this is that you must know how to use the products before you can get results with them. If we gave you samples before you completed our course, you wouldn’t know how to use them correctly.

Q. Are there parabens in your products?

A. Most of our products do not have parabens. For the few that do, we would like to inform you of the truth about the whole paraben debate. Please read this (link).

Q. Do you offer exclusivity? 

A. We do not at this time.

Q. Can my employees get certified?

A. Yes, your employees can take the course and get a certification through their employer; however, only the employer can order wholesale products. Your employees can view the training and take the certification test under your name. However, this does not mean they hold certification. If they were to leave your business, they would not carry the certification with them. 

Q. Is this an all-natural organic line?

A. No, it is not. The word “natural” does not hold much meaning when it comes to skin care. Skin care lines that “tout” themselves as all natural will have some chemicals in their formulations. All products need some type of preservative; otherwise, products will go rancid very quickly.  

Q. Is this a vegan line?

A. No it is not.

Q. Is this a cruelty-free line?

A. Yes, it is.